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Zhong-Yang Huang was born in Guangzhou, China in 1949. From the age of four, Yang’s parents encouraged him to draw and paint. At the age of eight, Yang began formal training in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Yang’s instructors and peers were in awe of his talent even as a young boy. They believed that he would one day go on to become a great artist. During the Cultural Revolution, the government put a halt to any individual creativity in China and many writers, artists and academics were forced to work as labourers.

At 15 years of age, Yang, along with his two brothers and sister, was forced to leave school and work in the fields. For ten years, Yang toiled in the fields for hours every day. Even though he was surrounded by great hardship and poverty, Yang continued to paint. At the end of the Cultural Revolution, Yang entered the Guangdong Province Art and Craft Academy where he completed his undergraduate degree. A Masters degree followed in 1981 from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Yang continued to work as an instructor at the Academy until 1984.

In 1984, Yang travelled to Canada as a visiting student. He completed his second Masters degree from the University of Regina. As an artist living in Canada, Yang had the artistic freedom to express himself. Yang’s work has been influenced by many periods of art history: the Pre-Raphaelite School and the French Impressionists as well as the work of the great Dutch painter Rembrandt.

Yang also has a great love for music and enjoys listening to music for inspiration. One of Yang’s favourite musicians is the late French violinist Ginette Neveu. (Neveu died in a plane crash the same year Yang was born.) Parallels are evident between Yang and Neveu’s philosophy and are best described by Neveu herself when expressing her goal for her life and music—"Aim high…aim at beauty."

Selected Media
- Press -
Arabella Magazine, Spring 2013
"U of R Alumni Represented by the Assiniboia Gallery", Degrees Magazine, Fall 2007
"The Personal Then and Now", Leader-Post, February 8, 2001

– Published Illustrations –
Courage to Fly by T. Harrison, Red Deer Press, 2002
Buddha in the Garden by D. Bouchard, Raincoast, 2002
Mermaid's Muse by D. Bouchard, Raincoast, 2001
A Dragon New Year by D. Bouchard, Peachtree, 1999
The Great Race by D. Bouchard, Millbrook, 1997

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Government of Saskatchewan
Guandong Fine Art Museum
Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Government of China
Royal Saskatchewan Museum
Provincial Museum of Alberta
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