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Rachelle Kearns



Stimulated by study of abstract and lyrical expressionist art, Rachelle explores compositional drama with an emphasis on repetition and process in a graceful and convincing manner. Her paintings present a moment that resides somewhere between the real and the artificial—like the illusion of wind and light seen through closed eyelids. Her work displays an unerring sensitivity to line, colour and form. Using acrylic paint as her medium, she redefines water, land or wind as deep, luminous bands of blended colour. Points of light become overlapped as repeated layers, dancing intoxicatingly over the surface.

Rachelle continually achieves an authentic visual poetry that is aesthetic, tender and organically generated from her study and feelings of the world around her. She sees her works as giving voice to the easily overlooked, unseen, or missed moments of truth and beauty all around us—each work expressing a kind of “faith” in her own invisible realities. She intends to intimately engage the viewer, inviting him/her to pause, look and appreciate.

Rachelle is a graduate of the University of Toronto Fine Arts/Art History program and holds a Sheridan College Arts Degree. She exhibits work in Canada, the United States and Switzerland.

Selected Media
- Press -
“Great Art for a Great Cause,” Canadian House and Home Blog, April 2013
Arabella Magazine, Spring 2013
Art Toronto 2011 Catalogue
Cover page, Canada’s Style at Home Magazine, June 2008