Assiniboia Gallery - Artist Series Part III David Dreher - The Story of a Successful Emerging Artist<br>

July 29, 2011
Artist Series Part III David Dreher - The Story of a Successful Emerging Artist

Back in March, I wrote what I called my "Five Step Plan to Gallery Representation" directed towards emerging artists. In it, I described what I thought were some of the key things emerging artists should do to get noticed, build relationships and ultimately find gallery representation. While I was writing that post a particular artist kept coming to mind. That artist was David Dreher. We've been representing Dave and his work for about five years now. During that time, Dave has created three beautiful bodies of work and because of that we've built a huge following for his paintings. We have people calling, emailing and talking to us about Dave's work all the time. It's unique, beautifully executed and thought provoking. Dave does the kind of work you can really look at and talk about. People remember it when they see it.

David Dreher "Saint Thomas Moore and the Orange Rose" 36 x 36" oil/canvas - part of the "Martyrs and Saints" series

Our relationship with Dave was not formalized over night. Although we've worked with Dave professionally for the past five years, we've actually known him a lot longer than that. Jeremy and I first met Dave and his wife, Anne Marie, around 1999/2000 when we were at the beginning of our tenure as owners of the Assiniboia Gallery. Dave and Anne Marie invited us over for a glass of wine. It was a nice evening spent eating and getting to know one another. While we were there, we had a tour of their home which featured many of Dave's paintings. A couple of things about our visit struck us right away. They were very friendly and welcoming people. I remember feeling quite grown up going over "for a drink". At the time, Jeremy and I were newly married and so were they. We had never done much socializing like that before so it was a new experience for us. We also remember being struck by the originality, skill and beauty in Dave's work. It was unlike anything we'd ever seen before (and still is!). It is more than just aesthetically pleasing. There is a story and message in every piece.

After that first meeting, we didn't make any concrete plans to work together, but we knew we'd made new friends and would be watching Dave's work.

Looking back, Dave approached us and the gallery in exactly the way I described in my previous blog post on how to find representation as an emerging artist. In the beginning, we were getting to know each other. Dave's work and the fact that he was an artist was secondary to our blossoming friendship. We hit it off on our "first date" and this paved the way for the successful and happy friendship and working relationship that we have today.

And...Dave understands our need for cupcakes and chocolate and very kindly brings us treats every now and then. He knows the way to our hearts:)

"Martyrs and Saints" by David Dreher is our Feature Show from July 21 to August 3, 2011. You can view the work in person at the Assiniboia Gallery, 2266 Smith Street, Regina, Saskatchewan and on-line.

Don't miss seeing the work of this talented Regina artist!


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