Assiniboia Gallery - Q & A with Angela Morgan

May 10, 2011
Q & A with Angela Morgan
In anticipation of Angela Morgan's show "A Peripheral Perspective: Pomp, Panache and Promenade" I asked Angela if she would mind answering a few questions so I could write a blog post about her and her art practice. I always find it interesting to get a little behind the scenes dirt on our artists and I know you do too!

Let's just say Angela's responses to my questions had us all laughing our heads off so I've decided to write this in a q&a style so you can enjoy Angela's humour too. Angela is a funny girl, but she's also got a bit of an edge to her and as my mom always says "You've got to admire a woman with an edge."

Mary: So, you are a prairie girl. Tell me a bit about your family and growing up in Pense, Saskatchewan.

Angela: I grew up in Pense with 2 younger brothers and a sister, I am, of course, the oldest. We didn't actually live on the farm until I grew up and went away to college. I never was a milk maid, although I have the figure for it.

I attended Campbell Collegiate and drove myself to school in grade 11 and 12 everyday in my 1974 lightning blue Dodge Dart. It went great with my platinum blonde Annie Lennox/Roxette hair do.

Mary: You live in the mountains now. Tell me about your family and what life is like outside your studio.

Angela: We are attempting to raise 4 children. Ten year old twins, a nine year old and a seven year old (2 boys and 2 girls). Besides going for long runs to get away from the house and studio, I also participate with my family in biking, lots of x country skiing, tobogganing, and long cathartic walks to the duck pond. My husband has a heavy triathlete schedule for himself and the children in which I play a supporting role (read: hauling all the crap around and feeding them). We spend COUNTLESS hours in rinks for hockey and figure skating - just like any good Saskatchewan girl I live in the rink in the winter.

Mary: Angela, what is with your titles?? They are craaaaaazy and hard to type!

Angela: I love the word peripheral with the f sound in the middle and also adore alliteration. But from a visual perspective the title gave me lots of subjects to work with, and really, who doesn't love a promenade? It also brings up all sorts of celebratory images for me - things I love to paint.

Mary: When you are not painting or parenting what do you like to do?

Angela: I like to shop, and dress up, and get my hair done and buy books and plan fabulous dinner parties and attend the theatre, visit galleries and museums and travel and sew gowns and frocks and try my hand at making cupcakes and lollipops and I really love to garden in my crazy yard, and definitely dance and try new restaurants and wines and meet my favorite people for lattes and walks. I like my kids too and also beating my mom at scrabble and an all time favorite is visiting my gram in Victoria. I love wearing fluevogs and I have 18 pairs that I try to take on every trip. I need to design a special shoe suitcase. I tried tap dancing and wasn't too bad at it. I also like to lounge on the beaches in Maui in my favorite polka dot bubble gum pink bikini. I like to make books and make paper and if I ever get some time I'm going to go back to print making, and if I ever get more time I am going to go back to sculpture - watch out Joe!

Angela pictured in a pair of her favourite shoes.

Mary: Travel is often a theme in your work. Tell me about some of your future travel plans.

Angela: We recently traveled to New Orleans and you may see some of those influences in this show. We have a trip to San Francisco and New Brunswick in June, out to the Okanagan in July. Madrid and Barcelona in the fall, and maybe a side trip to Chicago. Italy next spring and of course back to Maui in the winter. For my 40th birthday, next August, we plan to go to Scotland.

Mary: Wow. So, when do you paint?

Angela: I paint at night, my days are too busy!

Mary: Do you enjoy the process of preparing for a show?

Angela: I like starting paintings and then in a flourish finishing a bunch of them after days of Judy (my assistant) encouraging (fretting) for me to get down to the business of completion. I love attending shows and traveling to the galleries and meeting customers and critics alike.

Mary: Now for the really important question...what do you like to eat??

Angela: Lemon tarts and creme brulees are right up on there on the list of favorite foods, just after pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and Gram's cherry cha (secret family recipe) and my Mom's apple pie, with the best crust in the world. Greek food, Thai food, french peasant cuisine and a bocconcini salad could round out that list, only after our family's favorite meal out - sushi.

To Angela...Thanks for answering my questions. I'm looking forward to seeing you and your paintings at our opening on Friday night. To my are all invited to join in the opening night festivities on Friday, May 13th from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. You will be able to view the entire show on-line starting Wednesday, May 11th. -Mary

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