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Erin Ross lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta in 2006 and studied Visual Communication Design at Medicine Hat College.

An accomplished professional in the mediums of painting, printmaking and drawing, Erin creates works that aim to challenge her viewers’ perceptions of beauty, gender and mortality. She uses unexpected subject matter, distorts scale and abstracts colour to simultaneously create a push and pull with the audience.

Erin’s work is informed by contemporary painters like George Shaw, David Hockney, and Mark Rothko while still speaking to the rich history of landscape painters in Canada. Each piece is distinctively emotional and a contemporary re-imagining of classic subject matter.

Erin states the landscape pieces are “a reflection of where I come from and how I relate to my surroundings. I take the romantic idea of the prairies—the ‘golden west’—then blow it apart and explore it. My experiences with the land motivated me to create this work.

The pieces acknowledge traditional styles and genres of painting, but in an unexpected way. They are melancholic and beautiful in their exploration of landscape and the ‘dark pastoral.’”

Erin's fire work is an extension of her landscape practice.  She is interested in the intersection of beauty and discomfort, memory and reality, and how we as humans explore these intersections.

Selected Media
- Press -
Avenue Edmonton Magazine, 2013
Arabella Magazine, Spring 2013
“The Twelve Gifts of Christmas,” Parlour Life Magazine, December 10, 2011
“Profile Art and Design,” Profile Magazine, September 2010
“Art for Herself and Others,” SEE Magazine, 2012

- Video -
In studio interview for CTV on Alberta Primetime, 2016
In studio interview for Shaw TV with Heidi Johanason, 2015
Interview for Telus TV with Kari Skelton, 2011
Hidden Gems, 10-minute documentary for CTV on Alberta Primetime, 2010
Interview on CBC One with Isabelle Gallant, January 21, 2011

Selected Collections
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