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Brent Laycock (1947-)



Brent Laycock was born in 1947 in Lethbridge, Alberta, and was raised on a prairie farm with a view of the Rockies on the western horizon. After completing a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting at Brigham Young University, Laycock returned to his native Alberta to establish his career as a visual artist. This career has now spanned three decades and his paintings have been exhibited and collected throughout the world.

Brent works mainly in watercolour and acrylic and explores landscape themes from his southern Alberta surroundings and his travels abroad. His uniquely personal style still reflects the reality of the landscape interpreted with loose, lyrical brushwork. In addition to the landscapes, he also enjoys painting dynamic, close-up floral compositions.

"The majority of my paintings are landscapes. Although I have experimented with many other forms and subjects, it is the interaction with the land that continually fuels my interest. Perhaps this passion comes from my background as a farm boy or perhaps it comes from just living where the sky, mountains, prairie and water have a continual impact in my perceptions. In the landscape, I see the spiritual connection between ourselves and the divine. I only hope to transmit some of its power to uplift the soul."

Selected Media
- Press -
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- Publications -
Waterton: Brush and Pen by Brent Laycock and Fred Stenson, Fifth House, 2006
Alberta Society of Artists—The First 75 Years by Kathy Zimon, University of Calgary Press, 2000
Treasured Moments by John and Monica Kurtz, Centax Books, 1997

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