Artist-Info - Bigoudi - Assiniboia Gallery




“Encaustic is the process of painting with hot, liquid wax mixed with dry coloured pigments. This technique is exhilarating for an impatient painter like me. Over the years, it has completely changed my way of seeing and thinking. As I shape the wax, the wax has shaped me to be the artist I am today. It has a mind of its own and I love that daily duel in the studio.”

Moving to Alberta in 2002 from Eastern Canada has had a tremendous impact on Bigoudi’s life and her artistic practice. Since 2004, she has had 12 solo exhibitions in Alberta, participated in more than 20 juried group shows across Canada and was awarded the Public Art Commission by the Town of Canmore. Most recently she has participated in three different residencies at the Banff Centre, and in June of 2015, she participated in a residency on Fogo Island, Newfoundland.


“It is all about balance.

Raise kids, work / Sleep, exercise / Learn, teach / Paint, take photos / Rock climb, attend art lectures / Go to concerts, write grants / Paint abstract, paint representational / Create tight compositions, using loose strokes / Play with clay, use silkscreen / Travel with my family, experience intense non-stop creation months in the studio.

Using technology and millenia-old techniques, I create works that sits between ideas of Western Culture and Contemporary Art. In this persistent chaos, my senses are alert and I am responding to my own strokes, images and ideas until I feel a sense of unity with the works hanging on my studio wall. 

Encaustic paint, acrylic paint, photography, clay sculpture, collage, spray paint, printmaking: these techniques are always ready to quench my thirst to create. I am a doer.”