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Lindsey Love



“Growing up on the prairies has given me a particular aesthetic and I tend to be drawn to subject matter that has a minimal, spacious and peaceful quality. I collect images constantly—during purposeful walks or trips with my camera or in unexpected opportune moments. I choose images that provoke a visceral response: a roadside transformed into the sublime by the setting sun or a canola field, brilliant under a cathedral sky. The subject matter and the feeling I am trying to convey determine the way I use the paint and the size of the work. Consistent in all of my work is an attention to colour. I notice colours that may or may not exist in reality but contribute to a feeling of realness, luminosity and vibration in the painting.

My current work is a continuation in my pursuit of fluency. My life in Saskatchewan provides endless material with which to practise. For me, a successful painting requires an initial enchantment with the subject matter, curiosity and an inner confidence and optimism while painting.”

Selected Media
- Press -
Arabella Magazine, Spring 2013