Artist-Info - Shawn Evans - Assiniboia Gallery

Shawn Evans



Shawn Evans was born in Regina Saskatchewan and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Art in 2009. He currently lives and works in Toronto Ontario.

Shawn’s most recent works represent investigations into how the spaces we inhabit shape our unique physical, social and economic perspectives. By employing a jumbling of references and spaces, as well as loose notions of representation rather than pure abstraction, Shawn’s works require the consideration of different perspectives—an urban or rural viewpoint will lead to different interpretations of the work.

His work uses penimento—visible indicators of alterations to the work’s development—to create multiple illusions of reality within a single canvas. Methodically, Shawn’s alterations make for a slow yet spontaneous process; layer after layer of oil is added and subtracted, morphing the pieces’ original trajectories. Shawn explains that “conceptually, this process speaks of truth and illusion, the source imagery is lost or obfuscated, akin to the eroding layers of paint, advertising, and graffiti on city walls, billboards, and train cars.”