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David Dreher



Velvet Soapbox

We live in interesting times. Races, religions and differing cultural value systems are clashing, weaving together and melding at a dizzying pace in a digital age. Individuals must discern massive amounts of bombarding information and decide whether they will defend, alter or completely abandon beliefs that they had learned as children. At the same time, we are challenged by rapidly growing technology in a depressed global economy. As in all facets of human evolution, art and expression will absorb and reflect these changes.

My paintings have always been iconographic collections of objects, colours and symbols based on carefully assembled photo-collages expressed through photorealism. In my last series, ‘Seven Generation Rule’, I combined widely understood societal icons with images that refer to greed and consumerism. 

In my current series of paintings, entitled ‘Velvet Soapbox’, I am continuing this iconographic approach. Through these paintings, I am examining and unveiling my own personal doubts regarding existing social, religious and political structures. I attempt to achieve this end by presenting images of the optimistic North American cultural perceptions of the post WWII era in a sarcastic light. I do not intend my work to insult or mock, but rather, by dissecting my own beliefs with humour, my hope is to impart to the viewer that we all share this point in history and hopefully, we might get through these interesting times – together.


Selected Publications

– Press –
Arabella Magazine, Spring 2013
“Reviews,” Galleries West Magazine, April 2006